Global Cooling

Redifining cool!

In this era it's necessary to begin taking measures as a human race to experiment new ways of development and evolution, so to create more alternative ways of life.
Since the industrial revolution we have been using technology to lengthen our lives and make them more interesting and comfortable, eventually we have attained a mechanical frequency of life, the question is if we are stepping on natures limits in our growth, if we have become a predominant specie on this beautiful planet it's time to take responsibility in reshaping our future, otherwise with our current pattern of expanding production and consumption, our evolution will be limited due to lack and degradation of it's unique resources and diversity.

The determining factor in actually reversing climate lays in not only the lifestyle we live but on the values and aspirations of societies.
While most first world countries actually seek in acquiring more possessions, developing countries are still struggling to meet basic demands and ambition to at least have a lifestyle idealized in the image of first world countries. If this is successful would mean that to have the whole population of the earth living like developed nations would imply that we would need several planets to sustain this scenario, the implications of this on the environment would be disastrous!

So the question is what makes us legible in proclaiming that we are marching for global cooling:

Our way of life and movement becomes a living example of one of the NGO's with the smallest ecological footprint, we move with horses, stick to a organic vegetarian diet, live and camp in nature therefore we are not in the consumer race for accumulating products, we live and move with the minimum technology and materials to be happy, comfortable and active within a natural environment, in this way we hope to live according to the ideals we try to promote through our workshops which are a reflection of our aspiring ideals.

Organic transport :
Our movement is a living model of how we can live without using cars, nor fossil fuels, we portray the hardships of actually living in nature with all the benefits and difficulties that this implies. We intend to demonstrate real communion with animals, nature and rural villages that are inaccessible to vehicles, we encourage the use and restoration of ancient paths and trails, ecovillages and the most of all the beauty and harmony that living and traveling in nature.

Deforestation has grown to an alarming rate exceeding by far the index of reforestations, which revitalize the health of the Earth and combat climate change. Our innovative reforestations combine the plantation of trees fused with a multicultural events and eco-workshops on beautiful camping places that last from a few days to several weeks.
For more information check reforestation festival program.

Educating and learning: We have the moral obligation and the responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. The importance of environmental education is raising awareness and providing alternatives that can inspire change .

Our integral system of 7 stages combines practical messages on environmental themes through dynamic cognitive experiences, music, theater, exciting creative activities and games. This system produces a profound emotional impact awakening ecological and ethical values, understanding of natural processes, empathy and co-responsibility towards the Earth and all its sentient beings.
For more information check Environmental education program.

Research: In coordination with universities and organizations we are creating programs to responsibly and effectively help communities in their path towards sustainability, water monitoring, seed dispersion, the first ambulatory veterinarian organic clinics, ethno veterinary databases and surveys among others.

Spreading the message. Our cultural program has been active since1999, by creating performances in countless villages in towns in America and Asia . The programs consist in providing multi-cultural shows in rural communities.
We play music in many languages and perform ethnic dances, fire twriling, clowns, horse acrobatics, juggling, theatre, puppets and much more…
We seek to transmit Peace through our movement that exemplifies how people from several countries, classes, races and creeds that can be united with a common intention, transcending language barriers and customs, a tolerance between ethnic groups, a love for humanity amplified through songs that intend to inspire empathy and a spirit of union between all beings and the earth. These programs are being propagated throughout broadcasting networks like Internet, TV, magazines and radio.
For more information check cultural program.

In this way we hope to live according to the ideals we try to promote through our workshops which are a reflection of our aspiring ideals. Our methodology is an innovative, creative and direct approach to try to solve sustainability issues in an integral way, by applying a diverse array of themes we seek to address these as a complex structure with interconnected aspects that together can impulse a greater and lasting influence.